S1911 Heavy-Duty Truck Tire Changer

Heavy-Duty Tire Changer Suitable for trucks and Bus fleet. Equipped with two Speed Hydraulic clamping chuck and moveble control unit. Suggested for proffesional Truck Tire Service. 

  • Hydraulic movement of clamping chuck holding arm (up-down);

  • Hydraulic travel movement of operating arm carriage (left-right);

  • Operating arm manual tilting and travelling on carriage;

  • Operating arm and clamping chuck arm facing each other;

  • All motions controlled by console and pedal box;

  • Emergency safety button on control consolle, for stopping all functions;

  • with pressure gauge for monitorin the hydraulic pressure.

  • automatically controlled tool rotation makes it possible to use either the demount/mount head breaking roller without time consuming and laborious manual tool changing. 

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Model Number 

Clamping Size

Max. Wheel Diameter1600mm
Max. Wheel Width780mm
Max. Tire Weight500kg
Beadbreaking Force3000kg
Operating Pressure130Bar
Gear Box Motor Power1.5kW
Power Supply220V/380V

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